• Prep a Great Resume

    UPE can help you out with your resume!

  • Apply to the Right Job

    Apply to a job that best suits you!

  • Research the Company

    Showing your passion for the company helps the interviewer see why you're a great fit

  • Practice Interviews

    UPE has several resources to help you with mock interviews

  • The Programming Language

    Use a language you are comfortable with. Higher level languages such as javascript and python help you to get more things coded up in an interview setting

  • Communicatate

    Remember to communicatate ALL your toughts during an interview.

  • Send a Thank You Email

    It will help your recruiter remember you and will increase your chances of getting the job!


Interviews are quite a challenge. Even coders with years of experience under their belts tend to struggle with interviews. Nonetheless, interviews are a necessary evil. With the right advice and preparation tips, you'll be able to boost your interview skills and land your dream job! Book a session with our professional services to futher guide you on the track to acing an interview!

Additionally, share your interview advice and experience below! You'll be able to see more responses after you submit your own, thereby building upon your interview advice repertoire.